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Welcome to the North Haledon School District's Health Section of our website. You will find all the information & forms needed for your child’s health and safety requirements from the state and district.

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Below you will find useful and important health forms.  

Click on each link to view each form.

Parent Permission and Release Form for Emergency Epinephrine Administration

Authorization By Parent and Family Physician for Administration of Medication in School

Parent Authorization and Release Form for Student Self-Administration of Medication

Physician Authorization for Student Self-Administration of Medication

Physician's Permission Form for Emergency Epinephrine Administration

Asthma Treatment Plan

Parent resources


   fight the flu

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Everyday Prevention Actions 


lice Lice are an annoying reality that unfortunately we face in our schools.  Although lice are not life threatening, it can be disruptive to your every day way of life.  North Haledon District Policy: students must be nit free upon returning to school.  Students will be re-examined by school nurse before returning to class.  Below you will find website resources to refer to if your child contracts pediculosis more commonly known as head lice. logo

Check out these links within the website.


Frequently Asked Questions


Images & Biology of Head Lice


When is a Nit not a Nit?

 girl with lice


Physical Exams:  The North Haledon Board of Education requires a physical exam for all new students entering the North Haledon School system in kindergarten and Grade 5.  Please click on the link for the Health Examination Form.

Health Examination Form

The North Haledon Board of Education requires that all students adhere to the immunization requirements put forth in N.J.A.C. 8:57-4: IMMUNIZATION OF PUPILS IN SCHOOL.

Immunization Requirements:
For Incoming 6th Grade Students:
1. Tdap: For pupils entering Grade 6 and born on or after 1/1/97.  A child does not need a Tdap dose until FIVE years after the last DTP/DTaP or Td dose.
2. Meningococcal: For pupils entering Grade 6 on or after 9-1-08 and born on or after 1-1-97.   **Please note:  This applies to students when they turn 11 years of age.
According to Chapter 14 of the NJ State Sanitary Code (N.J.A.C. 8:57-4.1 to 8:57-4.19, "Immunization for Pupils in School"), all students must meet the immunization requirements as established by law.  If documentation of these immunizations are not presented prior to the first day of school, your child will be excluded from school.  This is not our goal but these requirements are mandated.
Reminder for Incoming 5th Grade Students in the Fall:
According to North Haledon Board Policy 536 and Procedure 5360B, all students in Grade 5 are required to have a current  physical examination.  You may mail or have your child bring the physical form to the HMS Health Office. Your cooperation regarding this matter is greatly appreciated.
Please remember if your child needs to take medication while in school, (over the counter or prescription med.)  A Medication Authorization form is needed to be completed and signed  by your physician along with parent signature.
You may find the medication form on our school website or stop by the Health Office.

Please click the link below for immunization chart listing. 

Immunization Requirements


  1. New Jersey State law PROHIBITS administration of ANY medication, including Tylenol, Advil, or any other “over-the-counter” medication without a DOCTOR’S ORDER AND A PARENT’S OR GUARDIAN’S WRITTEN CONSENT.
  2. All OVER THE COUNTER medications MUST be supplied from home, and labeled with the student’s name.
  3. Student’s MAY NOT CARRY ANY MEDICATION ON THEIR PERSON for the purpose of self-administration. There are exceptions to that rule: i.e. Inhalers and Epi-Pens for life threatening conditions such as asthma, bee stings, and/or food allergies. Inhalers and Epi-Pens may only be carried by students who demonstrate appropriate knowledge of technique and administration. Again, a doctor’s order and parent’s or guardian’s written consent is necessary.
  4. ANY medication administered in school MUST be in its original container, and labeled with the student’s name.
  5. A fax will be accepted from the prescribing physician, and parent or guardian, if your child needs to take medication in school. It is the parent’s responsibility to call the doctor to request a medication order.
  6. Any medication that is a “controlled substance” (ex. Ritalin, Adderall, Concerta) MUST be brought in by a parent or guardian. Any “controlled substance” brought in by a student will not be administered. The number of pills must be verified with the school nurse.


Students with asthma may carry their inhalers with them only with physician authorization. Your physician may write on a prescription or office letterhead that your child is responsible, has been instructed in the proper use of the inhaler and may carry his/her inhaler with him/her at all times. This note/letter must be on file in the health office.

Students with severe food and insect sting allergies, who have Epi-Pens prescribed by their physicians, may require the assistance, in the absence of the school nurse to administer their epi-pen.  Each school has several specially trained and certified staff members who may be assigned to assist such students.

Parents must contact the school nurse to discuss their child’s condition, and request a designee for the epi-pen.  Documentation must be completed by the parent and the child’s physician.

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