North Haledon School District

First Day of School- Wed., Sept. 4th
Welcome Back Letter from the Superintendent (pdf)
High Mountain School Before and After School Program: 2019 - 2020 (pdf)
Lunch Menu Information
New Lunch Menu Flyer (pdf)
School Supply Lists
Preschool Supply List (pdf)
Kindergarten Supply List (pdf)
First Grade Supply List (pdf)
Second Grade Supply List (pdf)
Third Grade Supply List (pdf)
Fourth Grade Supply List (pdf)
Fifth Grade Supply List (pdf)
Sixth Grade Supply List (pdf)
Seventh Grade Supply List (pdf)
Eighth Grade Supply List (pdf)
North Haledon School District Summer Book Club
Summer Bucket List Challenge (pdf)
Suggested Summer Reading
Summer Reading Leveled Lists (pdf)
Summer Reading Grade K to 1 (pdf)
Summer Reading Grade 1 to 2 (pdf)
Summer Reading Grade 2 to 3 (pdf)
Summer Reading Grade 3 to 4 (pdf)
Summer Reading Grades 5 to 8 (pdf)
Summer Writing For Grades 5-8
Grade 5 Writing Extensions (pdf)
Grade 6 Writing Extensions (pdf)
Grade 7 Writing Extensions (pdf)
Grade 8 Writing Extensions (pdf)
Summer Math
Summer Math Grade Kindergarten (pdf)
Summer Math Grade 1 (pdf)
Summer Math Grade 2 (pdf)
Summer Math Grade 3 (pdf)
Summer Math Grade 4 (pdf)
Summer Math Grade 5 (pdf)
Summer Math Grade 6 (pdf)
Summer Math Grade 7 (pdf)
Summer Math Grade 8 (pdf)
Kindergarten Registration Letter
Board Agendas