Gifted and Talented

  • Requirements:

    Our Gifted and Talented Program is designed to challenge the special learning styles of the gifted students. Our curriculum and teaching strategies stimulate the development of higher levels of thinking and problem solving.

    In Grades K-2, this is accomplished through the Enrichment and MLS classes, including Makerspace, as well as through differentiation in the classroom. In grades 3-8, students are additionally identified for a supplemental pull out program based on the following criteria:

    • Attaining a 124 or higher on the InView Cognitive Skills Assessment.  This is administered to students in Grades 3 and 6.
    • Reading at least one grade level above expectations on Fountas and Pinnell reading assessment.
    • Falling within the designated range on the Renzulli-Hartman Scale.

    Students must meet the criteria for InView scores to be considered for the program. Administration and Gifted and Talented Teachers annually review all students who meet this mark, and further evaluate their performance from there.

    Gifted and Talented begins in October of each school year and all students are reviewed as to possible candidates every year. Please reach your building principal with any questions.

    Parental Complaint Process:

    Pursuant with Chapter 338, and the supplement to Chapter 35, Title 18A of New Jersey Statute,

    “C: 35-38 5:

    1. An individual who believes that a school district has not complied with the provisions of this act may file a complaint with the board of education. The right to file a complaint shall be set forth in the board’s policy on gifted and talented education. The policy shall be linked to the homepage of the board’s Internet website. The board shall issue a decision, in writing, to affirm, reject, or modify the district’s action in the matter.
    2. The individual may then file a petition of appeal of the board’s written decision to the Commissioner of Education through the Office of Controversies and Disputes in accordance with N.J.S.18A:6-9 and the procedures set forth in State Board of Education regulations.”

    The North Haledon School District strives to differentiate instruction and practices to meet the needs of all learners. Every student's data is reviewed annually to determine eligibility for the program. Should you believe there is an error, or wish to discuss the specifics of your child's criteria, please first reach the Gifted and Talented teacher in your child's school. If the conversation needs to go further, you may then wish to contact the principal, and after that, the superintendent. This follows the District's approved chain of command, and will provide you with as much information as possible.